The IPFC International Steering Committee

IPFC is not part of any formal society, although the conference may be held in conjunction with conferences of other societies. An International Steering Committee (ISC) of about 12 members oversees the conference series, chooses the host countries, advises and assists the Local Organizing Committee as required, and in conjunction with the Local Organizing Committee, selects the Pieter Bleeker Award Committee.

The ISC members choose a 3-member Executive from among their members which oversees the selection of ISC members, with the goal of achieving geographical balance, continuity and experience, while also including new members. At each IPFC, a meeting of the ISC is held, and at the conclusion of the meeting, the ISC, with the exception of the executive, is dissolved. A new ISC will be formed within 3 months of the dissolution of the previous ISC.

Anyone may nominate to become a member of the new ISC and the Executive may invite nominations from individuals. Chairs of previous IPFC Local Committees are particularly encouraged to nominate, and the ISC should include at least 2 previous chairs. At least 25% of the ISC membership should consist of persons who were not members of the previous ISC. Once a new ISC is constituted, the existing Executive is dissolved, and the ISC elects a new Executive. To ensure continuity, at least one member of the previous Executive should be retained on the new Executive.

Persons interested in becoming ISC members should contact one of the ISC Executive. ISC Nominees should provide a short statement about why they are interested, along with a Curriculum Vitae. Nominees should have attended at least one previous IPFC, and have a track record of published peer-reviewed research in areas covered by the IPFC.

Current members of the ISC (*Executive member)

Lynnath Beckley*, Australia (
Brian Bowen, Hawaii
Kent Carpenter, USA
David Johnson, USA
Jeff Leis*, Australia (
Keiichi Matsuura*, Japan (
Hiroyuki Motomura, Japan
Monica Mwale, South Africa
Bernard Séret, France
Kwang-Tsao Shao, Taiwan
Heok Hui Tan, Singapore
Thomas Trnski, New Zealand
Rick Winterbottom, Canada