About the Conference Venue

The Okinawa Convention Center is located at Ginowan City (26° 16’ N, 127° 46’ E) on the southwest coast of Okinawa-jima Island, 10 km north of Naha City (the capital of Okinawa Prefecture). Okinawa is an ideal location for the 9th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference because of its diversity of marine environments including well-developed beautiful coral reefs under the influence of the Kuroshio Current. Okinawa-jima is the main island of the Ryukyu Islands stretching in a chain for 1,000 km from south of Kyushu (the southernmost main island of Japan) to east of the northern tip of Taiwan.
The population of Okinawa Prefecture is about 1.4 million, and its capital city Naha on the southern part of Okinawa-jima Island is densely populated with 800,000 people. Okinawa experiences a sub-tropical climate with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius for most of the year, reaching to 32 degrees Celsius in the warmest months (from late July to mid-September). The rainy season of Okinawa usually starts in early May and ends in early-mid June. Okinawa suffers from typhoons in summer to autumn (usually from late July to October). The dates of the 9th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference were decided to avoid typhoons, rainy days, or hot weather. Ocean temperatures in Okinawa in late June are 27-28 degrees Celsius.
Okinawa is easily reached by international flights and Japanese domestic flights through Narita or Haneda (Tokyo), Kansai (Osaka), Centrair (Nagoya), and Fukuoka (Kyushu) in Japan. Naha airport of Okinawa is directly reached by international flights from Seoul (Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Shanghai and Hong Kong (China).