Japanese Journal of Ichthyology
Volume 50, Number 1, May 23, 2003
Full Papers
The freshwater fish fauna of the rivers flowing into the Seto Inland Sea in Hiroshima Prefecture
  Takuro Hirayama and Nobukazu Nakagoshi  … 1
Effects of pool type fishways on the distribution of diadromous fishes in Hokkaido
  Kazutaka Shimoda, Shigeru Nakano and Yugo Ono   … 15
Seasonal changes in fishes ascending a paddy field ditch in the Naka River system, central Japan
  Tomoyuki Nakamura and Norio Oda  … 25
Fine structures and functional characteristics of the gamete of the Japanese sand lance, Ammodytes personatus
  Masako Hara  … 35
Feeding habits of introduced smallmouth bass in Lakes Aoki and Nojiri, Japan
  Taiga Yodo and Kei-ichiro Iguchi  … 47
Biochemical and morphological comparison between two Japanese daces, Phoxinus lagowskii steindachneri and P. oxycephalus jouyi in the sympatric sites
  Tomohiko Fujita and Kazumi Hosoya  … 55
Short Reports
Spawning habitat selectivity of shishamo smelt Spirinchus lanceolatus in a small mountain stream in southern Hokkaido, Japan
  Shirou Sagawa, Katsuya Misawa, Yuji Seo and Futoshi Nakamura  … 63
Record of a flathead, Rogadius tuberculatus (Teleostei: Platycephalidae), from Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa Island, southern Japan
  Mitsuhiro Sakashita, Hisashi Imamura and Tetsuo Yoshino  … 67
Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of Japanese freshwater goby, Odontobutis obscura, and an evidence for artificial transplantation to Kanto District
  Takahiko Mukai and Mutsumi Nishida  … 71
Book Review  … 77
New Publications  … 79
News & Comments  … 80
Proceedings  … 92
Editorials  … 94
Japanese Abstracts
Papers published in Ichthyological Research, Volume 50, Numbers 1 & 2  … 95

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