Japanese Journal of Ichthyology
Volome 47, Number 1, May 25, 2000
Announcement for the 2000 Annual Meeting
Present status and perspectives on phylogenetic systematics and speciation in lampreys
  Yuji Yamazaki and Akira Goto  … 1
Full Papers
Embryonic development and morphological changes in larvae and juveniles of two land-locked gobies, Rhinogobius spp. (Gobiidae), on Okinawa Island
  Kentaro Hirashima and Katsunori Tachihara  … 29
Short Reports
Bathyonus caudalis, a newly recorded deep-sea ophidiid fish from the north-western Pacific (Ophidiiformes)
  Hiromitsu Endo, Yoshihiko Machida and Fumihiro Ono  … 43
Record of a leiognathid fish, Secutor megalolepis, from Japan (Perciformes)
  Tsuyoshi Yamashita, Seishi Kimura, Yukio Iwatsuki and Tetsuo Yoshino  … 49
Distributions of the spawning grounds of four amphidromous gobies (Rhinogobius spp.) in the Aizu River, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
  Kazuaki Tamada  … 55
A method for the individual identification using the variation in the natural white linear markings on the abdomen of the cobitid fish Lefua sp.
  Shigeru Aoyama  … 61
Natural hybrids between two species of puffer, Takifugu vermicularis and T. poecilonotus obtained from the Seto Inland Sea, Japan
  Koji Yokokawa and Kimiharu Urayama  … 67
Book Review  … 74
New Publications  … 75
News & Comments  … 76
Proceedings  … 78
Editorials  … 79
Japanese Abstracts
Papers published in Ichthyological Research, Volume 47, Numbers 1 & 2  … 80

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