Japanese Journal of Ichthyology
Volome 45, Number 1, May 25, 1998
Reproductive behavior and evolution of triggerfish (Balistidae) and filefish (Monacanthidae)
  Hiroshi Kawase
Full Papers
Identification and distribution of clonal lines detected by DNA polymorphism in silver crucian carp,Carassius langsdorfii collected from the Monobe and Niyodo rivers
  Kenichi Ohara, Shi Dong and Nobuhiko Taniguchi
Mating, spawning and hatching of the white spotted bamboo shark in an aquarium
  Motoyasu Masuda
Short Reports
>Record of a scorpaenid fish, Scorpaenodes varipinnis from Japan
  Gento Shinohara
>A taillless spotted parrot fish Oplegnathus punctatus lacking the caudal fin
  Naoya Ishiguro and Mutsumi Nishida
>Peculiar feeding behavior of Asterorhobus intermedius in an aquarium
  Yoshihiro Shirai and Hiroshi Kitazawa

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