ISJ Meeting in Okinawa, Japan, 24-27 September 2004
The 37th annual meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Japan (ISJ) will be held from 24 to 27September, 2004, in Okinawa, hosted by University of the Ryukyus.
Meeting of the board of editors       24 Sept. (Fri.) (12: 00 - 14: 30)
Meeting of trustees 24 Sept. (Fri.) (15: 00 - 17: 00)
Presentation 25 Sept. (Sat.) - 26 Sept. (Sun.)
Conference Dinner 25 Sept. (Sat.) (18: 30 - 20: 30)
Symposium 27 Sept. (Man.) (9: 10 - 16: 50)
  1. The author(s) of the presentation must include at least one personal member of ISJ.
  2. The presenters can choice the oral or poster presentation.
  3. The oral presenters have 15 minutes in total (including ca. three minutes for the question and answer) for their presentation. The presenters can use PowerPoint (both Windows and Macintosh versions are available), OHP and/or VHS video; but only two screens will be prepared. Please note that Power point and VHS cannot use in same time. The slides are not available.
  4. The oral presenters cannot use their personal computers. The computers (Windows and Macintosh) and projectors prepared by the organizing committee must be used.
  5. The oral presenters must operate OHP and PowerPoint by themselves (the organizing committee does not operate them).
  6. The oral presenters must hand over the CD including the data of PowerPoint (others, such as MO disk, are not available) to the Reception Desk of ISJ Meeting in 25 or 26 Sept. before their presentations. The file name of PowerPoint should be:
    “Register number of presentation” plus (connected by hyphen) “name of presenter” plus “.ppt” (e.g., 085-yoshino.ppt).
  7. The poster presenters can use the space of ca. 80 cm (horizontally) by 150 cm (longitudinally).
  8. The thumbtacks will be prepared by the organizing committee. The posters should be tacked to the designated space during the forenoon of 25 Sept. and posted for two days (25-26 Sept.).
  9. The title, names of author(s) and institution(s) should be clearly displayed at the uppermost portion of the poster.
  10. The even-numbered posters should be explained by the presenters in 25 Sept. and the odd-numbered posters in 26 Sept. For the explanation, the presenters should be beside their posters at 13: 00-14: 00 in 25 or 26 Sept. (The oral presentations will not be held at that time in both days)
  11. The register number of the oral and poster presentations will be informed to the participants from the organizing committee after the application will be finished.
Application for participation  (click for download of application form)
Please send the application form to the representative of the organizing committee (Tetsuo Yoshino; isj04ur@sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp) by e-mail for the application.

*Deadline of application for participation and presentation: 30 July 2004

*Deadline of application for participation only: 31 August 2004
The participants who wish to present their studies must send English abstract also to the organizing committee(isj04ur@sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp) by e-mail when they will apply (deadline is 30 July 2004). Please follow to the style shown below:
  1. When the presentation includes two or more authors, the presenter should be marked by the asterisk and the names of the authors should be jointed by “and”;
  2. The name of author should be followed by the name of the institution in the parentheses;
  3. The space by a single line should be inserted between the title and name of the author and between the name of the author and sentences, respectively;
  4. The following tags should be used:
    1. italic: <I>character</I>
    2. superscript: <SUP>character</SUP>
    3. subscript: <SUB>character</SUB>
  5. The abstract, including the title and name of the author (and institution) should include 1504 characters (please note not “words”) (94 characters by 22 lines). Please note the spaces between the title and name of the author (and institution), between the name of the author (and institution) and sentences, and between the words are counted as the number of characters.


An outbreak of <I>Scleropages formosus</I> at Yanbaru-ike pond in Ryuguh University
Hashi SHOU (Ryuguh Univ.) and *Fuyuh IHA (Okinawa Kaiyo Univ.)
<Sentences> 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.....000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

Conference fee: ¥2,500 (registered until 30 July) or ¥3,000 (from 31 July to 31 Aug.) per person
Abstracts (in Japanese): ¥2,000 per copy
Conference Dinner: ¥5,000 (until 30 July) or ¥5,500 (from 31 July to 31 Aug.) per person
Lunch: ¥600 per day

*Please pay the costs directly to the reception desk on 25 September 2004.

Three symposia entitled "Diverse biological models exemplified by taxonomical, ecological and evolutionary studies on African cichlids", "The conservation and present condition of threatened fish species related to the large-scale destruction in the tidal flat of Kyushu and Okinawa districts" and "Fish nurseries in tropical and subtropical waters" will be held on 27 September.
If you have any questions, please contact the representative of the organizing committee by e-mail.

Tetsuo Yoshino (isj04ur@sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp)
Chemistry, Biology and Marine Sciences,
University of the Ryukyus
Senbaru, Nishihara, 903-0213 Okinawa, Japan

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