2014 ISJ Meeting, Odawara, Japan, 14-17 November 2014
The 47th annual meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Japan (ISJ) will be held at the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History (http://nh.kanagawa-museum.jp/index_en.html) in Odawara, Japan from 14 to 17 November 2014.
Meeting of the board of editors   14 Nov. (Fri.) (12: 00 - 14: 30)
Meeting of trustees  14 Nov. (Fri.) (15: 00 - 17: 00)
Presentation  15 Nov. (Sat.) - 16 Nov. (Sun.)
Party  15 Nov. (Sat.) (18: 30 - 20: 30)
Symposium  17 Nov. (Mon.) (9: 00 - 17: 00)
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  1. The speaker must be an individual member (regular, student, foreign and sustaining) of ISJ, having paid a membership fee of the current year.
  2. The presenters can choose the oral or poster presentation.
  3. The oral presenters have 15 minutes in total (including ca. three minutes for the question and answer) for their presentation. The presenters can use PowerPoint or PDF file, for both of them, the only available OS is Windows. The slides and VHS video tapes are not available, but the moving images are conditionally acceptable with PowerPoint (click here for detailed information about the moving images). Please note only one screen will be prepared.
  4. The oral presenters cannot use their personal computers. The computers prepared by the organizing committee must be used.
  5. The oral presenters must operate PowerPoint or Acrobat by themselves (the organizing committee does not operate them).
  6. The oral presenters must hand over the CD-R including the data of PowerPoint/PDF file (others, such as CD-RW, MO disk, and USB flash memory, are not available) to the Reception Desk of ISJ Meeting between 13 and 17 o’clock, 14 Nov. (otherwise, in afternoon of 15 Nov., who will present in morning of 16 Nov.; in morning of 16 Nov., who will present in afternoon of 16 Nov.). The file name of PowerPoint/PDF should be: “Register number of presentation” plus (connected by hyphen) “name of presenter” plus “.pptx”, “.ppt”, or “.pdf” (e.g., 085-Senou.pptx, 085- Senou.ppt, or 085- Senou.pdf). Please put the file name on the CD-R also.
  7. The poster size for poster presentation should be smaller than 90 cm (width) by 160 cm (height).
  8. The thumbtacks etc. will be prepared by the organizing committee. The posters should be set up to the designated space during the forenoon of 15 Nov. and posted for two days (15-16 Nov.).
  9. The title, names of author(s) and institution(s) should be clearly displayed at the uppermost portion of the poster.
  10. The odd-numbered posters should be explained by the presenters on 15 Nov. and the even-numbered posters on 16 Nov. For the explanation, the presenters should be beside their posters during “core time” (announced later on the homepage). During the core time, the oral presentations will not be held in both times. The presenters can also choose their own presentation time at any time during 9:00 to 16:00, on respective days (except 11:15-12:30, 15 Nov.). In this case, the presenters should post a message card with their own presentation time on their board (message cards will be prepared by the organizing committee).
  11. The register number of the oral and poster presentations will be informed to the participants from the organizing committee after the application will be finished.
  12. No photography is allowed for both the oral and poster presentations. It is suggested that the poster presenter has a number of copies of the poster to distribute to interested participants.
Application for participation
If you are a foreign student in Japan, and can log in to “My Page” (in Japanese) as an individual member of ISJ, your supervisor should register your participation using your name (in your place) via an internet registration system for ISJ meeting (in Japanese). Otherwise (foreign member), please send the application form (click for download) to the representative of the organizing committee (Dr. Hiroshi Senou; isj-nenkai2014@bunken.co.jp) by e-mail for application.
*Deadline of application for participation and presentation: August 27, 2014, 17:00 (JST, GMT+9:00).
*Deadline of application for participation only: September 12, 2014, 17:00 (JST, GMT +9:00). (Deadlines are the same as those for Japanese participants)

The participants who wish to present their studies must send English abstract also to the organizing committee. If you are a foreign student in Japan (an individual member of ISJ), your supervisor should send it in your place via the internet registration system. Otherwise (foreign member), please send it by e-mail (isj-nenkai2014@bunken.co.jp) by yourself. In both cases, the abstract must be send when you apply for participation (deadline is 27 August 2014). The English abstract will be included in the 2014 Annual Meeting Abstracts (in Japanese), which can be downloaded from ISJ member homepage during early Nov. - 18 Nov. When preparing the English abstract, please follow to the style shown below:

  1. When the presentation includes two or more authors, the presenter should be marked by the asterisk.
  2. The name of author should be followed by the name of the institution in the parentheses.
  3. The space by a single line should be inserted between the title and name of the author and between the name of the author and sentences, respectively.
  4. The following tags should be used:
    a. italic: <I>character</I>
    b. superscript: <SUP>character</SUP>
    c. subscript: <SUB>character</SUB>
  5. The abstract, including the title and name of the author (and institution) should include 1504 characters (please note not "words") (94 characters by 16 lines). Please note the spaces between the title and name of the author (and institution), between the name of the author (and institution) and sentences, and between the words are counted as the number of characters.
Eradication of largemouth bass <i>Micropterus salmoides</i> by combination of some methods
*Yusuke MIYAZAKI and Hiroshi SENOU (Kanagawa Pref. Museum)
<Main text of abstract> Main text main text. Main text main text main text main text main text main text main text. Main text main text main text main text main text main text.
Conference fee: ¥3,500 per person (¥2,000 for student)
Abstracts (in Japanese): ¥2,000 per copy
Mixer: ¥6,000 per person (¥5,000 for student)

*Please pay the fees directly to the reception desk on 14 November 2014.
*On-site conference fee: ¥4,500 per person (¥3,000 for student)
*Conference dinner is available only for those who have applied in advance.
Three symposia entitled “Evolutionary genetic mechanisms of adaptation and speciation in fishes: frontiers of research and future perspective”, “Amphidromy in fishes: its life-history diversification and evolution” and “Recent status and problems of invasive alien fishes in Japan: What has changed in the 10 years since the enactment of the Invasive Alien Species Act?” will be held on 17 November.
If you have any questions, please contact the representative of the organizing committee by e-mail.
Dr. Hiroshi Senou (isj-nenkai2014@bunken.co.jp)
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History
499 Iryuda, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0031, JAPAN
Application form

Please select one by deleting the other(s) in each inquiry

Presentation: Yes / No
Poster / Oral (PowerPoint / PDF file)

Field of presentation (please select one category):
a) taxonomy; b) phylogeny; c) distribution, ichthyofauna; d) morphology; e) ecology; f) behavior; g) molecular genetics, molecular analysis; h) egg, larva; i) physiology, histology; j) conservation biology; k) others

Abstracts (in Japanese):
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Do not join / join (Accompanying person: none / present (n= ) (please fill number of persons)
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Moving images
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