Annual Meeting and Symposium
Invitation to "International Symposium of Systematics and Diversity of Fishes"
  It is our pleasure to invite you to the "International Symposium of Systematics and Diversity of Fishes" to be held in Tokyo on 3 and 4 March 2008. The language of the Symposium will be English. No one can participate without a prior application. If you wish to attend the Symposium, please copy Application Form, change the example data, to yours, and send to fishsympo@ori.u-tokyo.ac.jp. Fees for the participation are ¥6,000 (Japanese Yen) per person, including participation in an evening party on 3 March. Please put "fishsympo2008" in the subject line of your e-mail title. After receiving your Application Form, we will send you an e-mail describing a temporary registration number. For non-residents in Japan, the fees will be accepted on evening of 2 March (15:00 to 17:00) and morning of 3 March (08:30 to 09:00) at a reception desk in the Ueno campus of the National Museum of Nature and Science; all residents in Japan should pay their participation fee through Japan Post Bank before 31 January 2008. The application deadline is 21 January 2008 in Japanese time. Because of seating capacity, we will stop accepting applications when numbers reach 150.
  We invite poster presentations by members of the Ichthyological Society of Japan and will allocate a space of 85 cm height and 120cm width for each poster. Non-members who wish to make poster presentations with Society member(s) can participate in the Symposium. The Application Form should be completed by a representative author who attends the Poster Session (see Temporary Program of the Symposium). Abstracts are not required for poster presentations.

  Question about the Symposium should be sent to Gento Shinohara (s-gento@kahaku.go.jp) or Kohji Mabuchi (mabuchi@ori.u-tokyo.ac.jp). We are looking forward to welcoming you to our forthcoming Symposium in Tokyo.

Organizing Committee: Keiichi Matsuura (Chair, President of ISJ,
National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo);
Mutsumi Nishida (Vice Chair; President-Elect of ISJ;
Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo);
Gento Shinohara (National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo);
Kohji Mabuchi, Takeshi Kon, and Takashi P. Satoh
(Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)

Application Form

Full name:(e.g.)Dolly VARDEN
Institution:(e.g.)National Institute of Freshwater Fishes
Address:(e.g.)National Institute of Freshwater Fishes 1-11-111 Sapporo, Hokkaido 111-0000, Japan
Phone number:(e.g.)+81-XXXXXXXXXX
FAX number:(e.g.)+81-XXXXXXXXXX
E-mail address:
Member/Non-member of ISJ:(e.g.)Non-member of ISJ
Poster presentation:(e.g.)Yes
Authors (Institutions): Dolly VARDEN (National Institute of Freshwater Fishes), Taro YAMADA (University of the Honshu), and Jerry NOSE (East Asian Museum of Natural Science)
Co-author who is member of ISJ (for non-member of ISJ only):(e.g.)Taro YAMADA
Poster title:(e.g.)Molecular and morphological diversity of freshwater puffers in East Asia.


  Co-author(s) except a representative author for a poster presentation, put "No" in Poster presentation entry and leave both Authors and Poster title entries blank.

  When your poster title includes italic letters, tell us them by using HTML tag (e.g., Salmo in italic should be <i>Salmo</i>) in Application Form.

Temporary Program for the Symposium

3 March 2008 (Monday)
09:00-09:30 Reception
09:30-09:40 Opening address
09:40-12:40 Session of Zoogeography
  David Bellwood (James Cook University): A tale of two fishes: unseen and unsung heros on the Great Barrier Reef-the lessons we can learn from gobies and batfishes

Martin F. Gomon (Museum Victoria): Inferring multi-scale habitat distributions from species ranges - an Australian perspective

Reiji Masuda (Kyoto University): Seasonal and interannual variation of subtidal fish assemblages in Wakasa Bay revealed by underwater visual census with reference to the warming trend in the Sea of Japan

Keiichi Matsuura (National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo) and Hiroshi Senou (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History): Does Kuroshio Current make a transportation system or barrier for coastal fishes in southern Japan?

Katsumi Tsukamoto (Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo): The role of migratory behavior in the evolution of anguillid eels
12:40-14:00 (Lunch time)
14:00-17:00 Session of Diversity and Taxonomy
  Richard Winterbottom (Royal Ontario Museum): Ask not what evolution can do for Trimma - ask what Trimma can do for evolution

Naomi Delventhal (University of Manitoba): Gobioid genera need re-examination: a case study of Gobiopsis

Douglass F. Hoese (Australian Museum): Relationships and radiation of Glossogobius in freshwaters of the Indo-Pacific

Helen K. Larson (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory): Relationships among the Gobionellinae

Christine Thacker (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County): Phylogenetics of the gobioid fishes: diversity, taxonomy, and ecology
17:05-17:55 Poster Session
18:00-20:30 Party

4 March 2008 (Tuesday)
09:00-12:15 Session of Evolution and Phylogeny
  Paula Mabee (University of South Dakota): Windows into the architecture of fishes

Masaki Miya (Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba): Evolutionary history of modern ray-finned fishes: an inference based on 327 whole mitochondrial genome sequences

Judith Mank (Uppsala University): The evolution of reproductive diversity in fishes: lessons from comparative phylogenetics

Wm. Leo Smith (Field Museum): Refining our understanding of the limits and relationships of Percomorpha: discovering large clades and the taxonomic challenges they present

Richard Mayden (Saint Louis University) and others: Evolutionary origin and phylogenetic relationships of the Cypriniformes: a multi-gene approach to resolving the evolution of the world's most diverse group of freshwater fishes

Ralf Britz (The Natural History Museum): Paedocypris, morphology and phylogenetic position of a miniature and highly developmentally truncated cyprinid
12:15-13:15 (Lunch time)
13:15-14:05 Poster Session
14:15-17:00 Session of Phylogeny and Ontogeny
  Lynne Parenti (National Museum of Natural History): Phylogeny of the medaka and relatives: molecules versus morphology

Hisashi Imamura (The Hokkaido University Museum): "Scorpaeniform" phylogeny: morphological approach to a question of its monophyly

Jeffrey M. Leis (Australian Museum) and Anthony C. Gill (Arozona State University): Tigerfishes, tripletails, and velvetchins form a clade: morphological evidence from adults and larvae

John R. Paxton (Australian Museum) and G. David Johnson (National Museum of Natural History): whalefishes (Cetomimidae), tapetails (Mirapinnidae), and bignose fishes (Megalomycteridae): amazing larval transformations and striking sexual dimorphism

G. David Johnson (National Museum of Natural History): Rare and interesting larval fish specimens from the collections of the Far Seas Fisheries Laboratory, now housed at the National Museum of Nature and Science
17:00-17:10 Closing address

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