About the Ichthyological Society of Japan
 The Ichthyological Society of Japan is an academic society in Japan. The objective of the society is to advance and disseminate the study of ichthyology. The society was founded on 3 April 1968 and presently consists of about 1300 members (including group members). The members are researchers and students in colleges and universities and those who are active members in a variety of fields.
 One of activities of the society is an annual meeting that takes place in autumn with a general assembly, research presentations, symposia and plenary lectures for four days. The research presentations in an annual meeting exceed more than 100, ranging from classification, phylogeny, morphology, distribution, genetics, physiology, ecology and behavior. A variety of themes on studies of fishes will also be organized as a symposium in different locations (see here).
 The society also has been publishing a journal in English (Ichthyological Research or IR: 4 volumes annually) and a journal in Japanese (Japanese Journal of Ichthyology or JJI: 2 volumes annually). The society takes every effort to release publicly new research information as quick as possible by shortening publication time. It presently takes, on average, 162 (minimum 85) days for the online version of IR, 307 (minimum 123) days for the print version of IR, 380 (minimum 199) days, respectively, before a manuscript is accepted and published. When you become a member of the society, you will be able to present your paper and publish it in our journals (excluding group members). IR has more pages free of charge than does the JJI. In addition, you can access to the electronic version free (excluding group members), and a print version of JJI will be mailed to you. For IR, you can subscribe to it less than purchasing it from the publisher. Please see here for membership applications.

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